The Entertainment Media Industries Club (known as The Industry) is the first organization of its kind at the University of Georgia. Open to all majors and grades, The Industry is a club geared towards students who are looking to learn more about the entertainment business, production, script writing, and much more.

The Industry was born when co-creator Kalley Huddleston wished that there was an easier way for Entertainment Media Studies (EMST) students to network, make connections, and give money back to Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications to expand the resources to students. Kalley quickly realized the size of this project, and connected with her close friend and co-creator Julian Hagins. The two understood there was great interest in creating a club to help students get ahead in the media industry. Kalley and Julian connected with Dr. Hamilton, the department head of EMST, to gain professional backing for the club from the university. Dr. Hamilton then reached out to Anne Neenan and Trey Lenard, who were highly interested in creating a writers workroom for students to write short stories, scrips, creative stories, and much more. Kalley, Julian, Anne and Trey soon all came together to create what is now the Entertainment Media Industries Club.

Now, the Industry is a source of support for all students with an interest in film, designed around teaching students production and screenwriting skills, networking with other creative students, and meeting professionals in the entertainment industry.